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Protopage is a free online service that helps you stay up to date with the latest news, books, and other information. It is an online dashboard that allows you to customize the way you view news and other content, creating a personalized homepage that you can access from any device. The service aggregates content from over 2,500 sources, ranging from newspapers and magazines to blogs and websites. It allows you to customize the layout of your homepage, adding and rearranging content blocks, such as a weather report, calendar, and RSS feeds. You can also save webpages, notes, and bookmarks in the app. The app also offers the ability to add widgets and applications, such as task lists and to-do lists, as well as special offers and deals from select providers. You can also collaborate with others, share your page, and keep track of changes in real-time. Overall, Protopage is a great way to stay organized and informed, allowing you to access all your news and bookmarks in one convenient place.

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