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MiniDLNA is a free, open-source application for streaming media over a home network. It is designed to work as a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) server and provide media to any DLNA-compliant device, such as a home theater, game console, or media player. It is available for Linux, Windows, and OS X. Using MiniDLNA, users can stream music, videos, and photos from their computer to any DLNA-compliant device. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats, including MP3, AVI, MPEG, and MKV. Additionally, it can be used to transcode media to be compatible with devices that don't support the original format. MiniDLNA is easy to set up and configure. It has a simple web-based user interface that allows users to manage their media library and set up sharing with other devices. It also has advanced features, such as dynamic playlists and content filtering, to create a personalized media experience.

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